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Hi everyone!

I'm not sure if there's anyone reading any of the dev logs, *taps microphone*, but this is going to be a regular thing. Hopefully some of you find joy, amusement or solidarity in these tiny text adventures.

SO. What's been up with Death and Taxes since the last devlog? Well, a lot, apparently. We apparently managed to kick up our viewcount quadruple-fold here on itch. We also broke 100 downloads for the demo. What. The. Hell. We were expecting a couple dozen at best, so this gave us quite a bit of motivation! A big, big heartfelt thank you to everyone who has taken their precious time to test our game and read our page ^_^ Many hugs and prosperity to you! Also, if you feel like keeping more up-to-date with our developments, follow our Twitter for regular updates, over yonder:



Currently we're sitting at more than 400 views and ~110 downloads, and counting. Well. Um. Hell yeah?

And what's been up in the team? Well, we're all coming back from some sort of a summer hiatus and trying to get our workflows going. 2 leading members of the project are relocating in 2 weeks (OMFG) to Spelkollektivet in Sweden:

It's a really neat co-living/co-development space for gamedevs. We're really pumped. Like, REALLY. Massively. Indescribably.

In addition to life changes, we're also in the process of on-boarding another team-member! Hopefully they will be able to help us out with our writing woes. They're mostly a programmer during the daytime, but they moonlight as a poet, so that's a perfect fit for us. Plus we have prior experience with them, so that's great. 

AND WE GOT OUR FIRST VO SAMPLES IN! Waiting for approval from the voice actor to share these currently, but we want to spam that all over the webs because honestly the actor we have for the main VO role is superb.. the samples provided proof of that in spades.

We're also trying to ramp up marketing efforts, coming up with some sort of a content plan to try and roll ourselves into release.. and to produce more high quality media so we can open a Steam Store page as well. Fingers crossed for that.

In terms of coding efforts, we have a "first final" implementation of our dialogue system and data model, relying on articy:draft3, which we integrated into our Unity project. That was a blast. Also fun to implement. The documentation is enough to get going with it, and then it's mostly using existing programming knowledge to make it all run.

So that's pretty much it for now! Will proceed to post this devlog to multiple channels to see how it fares and maybe we can get some more people hooked with the idea for this project! Lets make thought-provoking games! ^__^


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