Hi everyone! Oak here.

So things have happened lately!

I woke up to this on our Steam page:


It's one hell of a surprise to wake up to I'll give you that.

BUT ANYWAY, please keep reading! It's the annual Steam Awards time again! So, what I would want to ask y'all to do is... nominate games!Nominate your favourite games that you've played this year and do the whole checklist Valve gives you too:

Everything you do here on that list will help the developers. Whether if it's a nomination or a review, all of it helps. Tell the developers of the games you love how much you love their games! Trust me, they will 100% appreciate it, and it will make. their. day.

I can't count the times I've just randomly opened our own Steam page or our itch page, scrolling through the reviews and posts, and having actual tears of joy in my eyes because something we did meant something for them.

Expressing how the games you've played have made you feel is one of the best things to see as a developer. Hands down.

This brings me to what I actually wanted to write about. About what's happening. With Death and Taxes. The exciting developments I just mentioned are absolutely amazing, yet, we have some more things to talk about! Two things, specifically.

First off, we are having another sale! We're gonna be -40% off throughout the Black Friday sale, from 27th till 30th November. That's the short announcement.

Secondly, we're still in the process of localizing the game.

NOTE: The Chinese (Traditional) translation is actually well underway! It's actually more than 75% translated, but it's not loaded into our software yet.

And it's something we couldn't do without you. Literally. The game itself can be a little bit... bare, when it comes to straight up mechanics and playtime, but nevertheless we've made a content monster of a game. There are over 104000 words in the game now with the Halloween Update (up +36000), that the player is able see. Either in the dialogue, the profiles, or tooltips, all of it ends up being a lot. This means that it's pretty much financially unfeasible for us to do without volunteers. And apparently... we have quite many volunteers! Which is, again, pretty amazing. Anyone who contributes will be credited in the game, of course, but other than that we don't know if and how we can compensate for it.

If you feel like you have the time, energy and/or motivation to help us translate the game to other languages, I cordially invite you to our Discord. If you're already there or if you're joining just now, ask either Oakwarrior (me) or Leene in the server for the Localizer role and we'll get you started.

Our community is, simply put: FANTASTIC. You've all been supportive in our road to get here. You've all been understanding when we mess up. You've helped us shape the game into the best it could be, and you still are doing so. We've found our match in creativeness in our own community, and it's.. just fantastic.

Thank you all again for being here with us and for your still ongoing and amazing support <3

Much love,
-Death and Taxes

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