DevLog 1: Launching on!

Hello everyone and welcome, on behalf of the Death and Taxes team!

To anyone tuning in, HI HENLO. This is a game about the inevitabilities of life (and death), about aligning one's moral compass, and coming to terms with harsh realities. If you feel like you enjoy story-based gameplay, offered by games such as "Papers, Please", "Beholder" or "Headliner", we invite you to join our journey in offering a similar, thought-provoking experience in the guise of the Grim Reaper.

As of late, we have been ramping up development and dedicating ourselves to releasing the game. We decided to throw up our page here, on, to share the development of our game and stories from our lives. We hope to see anyone and everyone who is interested in this project in our community and hopefully we can provide you with a memorable and interesting gaming experience :)

There is much that needs to be done.. and this is just the first step. Barring any monumental screw-up, we hope to entertain and captivate you with regular updates and involvement in the game development process as well! Stay tuned ^_^


Leene & Ott from Placeholder Gameworks


DnT Linux Demo 185 MB
Aug 30, 2019
DnT Mac Demo 43 MB
Aug 30, 2019
DnT Windows Demo 40 MB
Aug 30, 2019

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