Heya Grims,

Oak here. So, I think we've finally arrived at a reasonable place with the stability of the update. Feel free to grab version 1.2.5 from here and enjoy the new content!

Fixed in 1.2.5:

  • Day 28 doesn't end in the very rare case that you talk to Mortimer in the Bar right after you've faxed away the profiles for the day
  • Dialogue screen doesn't show your own appearance randomly when exiting dialogue

Much love!

-Death and Taxes


DnT WIN FULL VERSION [v1.2.5] + Halloween Hotfix 599 MB
Nov 13, 2020
DnT MAC FULL VERSION [v1.2.5] + Halloween Hotfix 581 MB
Nov 13, 2020
DnT LINUX FULL VERSION [v1.2.5] + Halloween Hotfix 583 MB
Nov 13, 2020

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