Halloween Update 1.2.3 Hotfix

  • Fixed one of Mortimer's lines not activating
  • Fixed Ra head not appearing.
  • Changed the Bar to work so that patrons don't disappear but rather disable when their dialogue ends
  • Fixed Herbert's (Plant Reaper) dialogue from cutting off suddenly
  • Fixed Bar Quiz duplicate questions
  • Fixed Bartender appearing in a very strange location at the end of the game
  • Fixed bar patrons not being interactable in NG+

Download version 1.2.3 to get these fixes ^_^

Sorry about the hassle!


DnT WIN FULL VERSION [v1.2.3] + Halloween Hotfix 580 MB
Oct 30, 2020
DnT MAC FULL VERSION [v1.2.3] + Halloween Hotfix 581 MB
Oct 30, 2020
DnT LINUX FULL VERSION [v1.2.3] + Halloween Hotfix 583 MB
Oct 30, 2020

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