DevLog 6: More Sweden (and more Stats)

Hi everyone! Oak checking in.

The past week has been pretty intense. We partook in Ludum Dare 45 (may or may not have been a mistake in terms of mental health, but hey, we made something!) with some other residents at Spelkollektivet. We made a game called the Nothing Engine:

The theme was "Start with nothing" so you literally start with nothing. You have to even make the game yourself. Try it out if you'd like :D

In other news, we are still going strong with the development! Our main writer is finishing up the whiteboxing the first 14 days of the game, with narrative design and setting up the architecture for additional content, like the Shop and your personal Bedroom! Quite excited to share the progress with you. We will hopefully have a new demo of the game by the end of this month, but we'll have to see. Finishing up features and content will have to take precedence, so it'll be done when it's done :P

In the art department, we're still making the intro comic, and it looks pretty spicy! Here's a quick peek on how one of the panels came to be. This is a reference to last week's Art devlog :)


Lineart 1:

Lineart 2:

Coloration pass:

Final pass:

We're quite excited for the new comic to be done. It still needs a solid week of art work and some coding work so it's a way's away, but at least we are making good progress ^__^

And generally, holy moly we are still getting so many downloads per day. Like... a LOT. And we have even more people throwing money our way * __ * All of the support helps us so, so much! A big, big thank you to you, our community, for the kind words, deeds and motivation. Seeing new downloads, views every day makes us super happy. We feel like we are on the right path, still :3

Getting 100 downloads a day.. insane.

So yeah.  That's it from us for now :3 Thank you again for your continued support!

Much love,

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