DevLog 4: Greetings from Sweden!

Hello again everyone!

Oak here again. I hope you've all had a wonderful week. If not, hopefully it will get better soon ^_^

So, Leene and I just arrived, on Monday, to Spelkollektivet. The largest (to my knowledge) co-living and co-working space for game developers. We're staying here for 3 months to finish up the game!

So far it has been fantastic. We really like the crowd that's staying here, there's currently upwards of 20 people here, but next month there will be some more as I've been told. The place is very large, so I don't think we have even seen everyone living here yet. It really is very cozy here. Plus the food is included in the rent (meals 3 times a day), and I can tell you that this is great. They also offer vegetarian dishes (not vegan yet, sorry!) which taste *awesome*. There was a selection of delicious grilled veggies today:

The rooms are spacious:

There's also a gym, a partnership with a sports hall that does regular training sessions multiple times per week, there's an in-house skate rink, a music studio with instruments, with more amenities to come. Oh and the internet is blazing fast. Did I mention that the people here are amazing already? We joined a drink & draw session yesterday and I did some shitty pixel art for practice, and the company and feedback was great :)

If you're a budding gamedev or just interested in the industry, check out Spelkollektivet! It's really neat.

On to development topics! The game has been doing very well, still, there are more and more people downloading it every day! We are already running into some issues with the demo though, with players reporting a resolution conflict and an issue with too high CPU load, but luckily these have been isolated cases so far and we have fixes for them in the pipeline. We are going to update the demo come October, when we have more assets done and have fixed the outlying issues. Stay tuned for that! We're going to make a big notification when we launch the new demo, so y'all won't miss it.

Talking metrics, we're currently at ~5200 views and ~2600 downloads here on, which is.. utterly amazing. We're very happy with this and didn't expect to hit such high numbers this early at all. Big shoutout to GrayStillPlays on YouTube for this! We also discovered 2 more videos of our game being posted on YouTube! Check them out here:

I honestly can't thank the fine people enough, who have put the time and effort into making this content available for everyone to see. Big thanks to AllFreddy and Luk & Lok! Be sure to check out their content!

This week we have already ramped up our development efforts, with our writer Märten trudging through profile structuring, Leene creating the new intro comic and myself working on the different sections you can explore in the game. Yes, there are going to be more areas than just Fate's Office and your Desk in the game: you will also have access to your private Bedroom and the mysterious Shop.

Here's a quick peek at what Leene has worked up with Raido for the intro comic:

That's Fate, your boss in the game, about to reincarnate you, the new Grim Reaper, into his servitude. SpoooOoOoOoky (not really).

Next week we'll be talking more about the art process at Placeholder Gameworks to give you some insight into hOW ON EARTH this kind of artwork comes to fruition. I'm personally a big fan of the art in this game, I hope you like it too!

That's it for this week!

Much love!

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