Wake up, get dressed, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, go to work. A true horror story.

A game about mental health.

Made for Spelkollektivet's 2019 Halloween Game Jam!

The main theme was Horror, and the sub-themes were: Archenemy, Profession, Personal.

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Mental health, depression, anxiety, self-loathing, dysphoria, eating disorders

The theme we chose was: Personal + Archenemy

We hope you enjoy playing this game :)

You only need a mouse and a keyboard that has the Z key.

If you like this game, be sure to check out our other game, Death and Taxes, also dealing with serious topics over here: 


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Honestly, it happened to me when I was in middle school. I started to have the depression because of my bullies when I was in middle school.


Are you better now ? I'm sorry that happened to you. People can be very cruel and judgemental.

I really love this game! It's actually really accurate to me tbh. I feel like this everyday.


Dude you okay ? Wanna talk about it ?


"Type your fears"

anyways nice game i guess. the ending was unrealistic for me but nice try


This is such a perfect representation of mental illness, it's the most accurate thing I've ever seen. I've been dealing with depression for more than 10 years and it's so spot on... fantastic work, this is truly amazing especially for people who have a hard time grasping of how it feels!!

amazing work


is your depression better now ?

no not really hahaha but it's alright :) I will find a way to feel better!


Ok feel free to talk about it if you want. Some advice from my personal experience - trying something new can help even if it feels pointless. Eg joining a gym, art class, online course you like etc. Or if you keep interacting a bit with people you could eventually find someone positive and helpful to support you. Sometimes deficiency of nutrients like calcium, vitamin b12, vitamin d is known to cause long term depression so try to get checked for that or just eat more of those foods. If you have any doubts regarding this feel free to ask


Also I know very well that sometimes depression, self esteem problems and mental health issues are due to tough life circumstances. Since those vary from person to person idk what advice to give for that. Ig try to find support / advice from capable ppl, and yeah it takes time to figure out how to improve things.

Your reply really filled my heard with joy. I can't believe you took the time to respond and give advice, it really means a lot :D

I have been through therapy but most of my therapists told me that there is nothing much they can do for me since I am self-aware of what I have and why I act the way I do haha.

But hey, I held on for 13 years, I'm 24 now and I'm doing my best to feel better even though everything has a bitter taste. I will, one day, be okay and I do my best to find happiness all around me and spread love and positivity as much as I can because I don't want others to feel the way I do or at least I try to help those who feel sad :)


I played this because this is how I feel every day.  :)

dude are you okay you wanna talk

I'm not okay at all lol. i have around 5 suicide attempts but its okay. 

Dude please don't commit sui. Death is the end of existence just nothingness. Life could get better no matter how long it takes. I know it's hard I've been depressed for a long time too. But please feel free to talk or vent if you want. And also, if you bit by bit keep interacting with new people or trying new things, you can find positivity. Lots of shit in the world but also opportunities to improve things. 

Also I know very well that sometimes depression, self esteem problems and mental health issues are due to tough life circumstances. Since those vary from person to person idk what advice to give for that. Ig try to find support / advice from capable ppl, and yeah it takes time to figure out how to improve things.

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Dude you okay ? Wanna talk ? Anyways I've tried to give advice and support in other comments above too, idk if reading those will help you but ig you could try.

im ok, thank you :)

Short and interesting game. I like the choice of smashing the button to express will power, which is more and more difficult to achieve. The final part was unexpected! The typing was actually not that difficult. Good job!


this was really really hard but i made it for those who cant type anything you gotta type it correctly and perfect and dont stop typing or youll lose


this game was so fucking difficult on the typing part my hands are killing me and I didn't even finish :(


the typing game is the reason for my depression


I woke up, pat my cat, go to work, slept in, decide to contemplate about not going to work on my second day for 108  dialogues, opened up to an online friend and unleashed a demon that absorbed all of my depression, thanks demon!





took me a bit at the mashing keyboards part

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fighting for my life with words 👍

anyway nice game, fought my inner demons

What an interesting concept! I really liked how the willpower got so hard to achieve. And also the typing game was a nice surprise. I wish I understood the various markers at the bottom better though. (I think the points there are determined by answers I picked?)

Overall, great fun, nice music and visuals!

Third in the line up. I gotta say. I played it ages ago. And it lived in the back of my head rent free. Well put together. It truly captures that shock of internal terror when you flub meeting a needed social or work goal.  I should really meander through some the other titles at some point.  Surreal but so grounded at the same time. Not a comfortable trip. And thats the whole point isn't it. Good job Duder.

this was really validating :) what an amazing game concept, incredibly executed! thank you for making this!

when that thing came my heart just went out for a sec , im setting my volume max , its not even a jumpscare but fk tat



Deleted 292 days ago

my dyslexia cant bro but it was overall a great game i can’t spell so it took me millions of years to compete

Same here lmao


The mashing part really got to me. I've had way too many days like day 2, my willpower is just not enough, and it becoming harder to mash is definitely how it feels like. I had some trouble with the typing but I'm glad I played this game :)

This game is AMAZING. The creator and the people who helped in making stuff like this are amazing and talented. <3333



me too :(

Some words cannot be selected. Even with correct typing. 'Vendor' was one of them.



Great game! Loved the struggle with how the button mash got increasingly more difficult.

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Thank you for this amazing game!

If you want, you can check my full game playthrough here:


I felt so exposed ;-; but very appreciated!


wonderful game, I really appreciate it

its awesome

Deleted 1 year ago

so awesome



Sometimes it feels like it, I love this game 10/10 some parts aren't meant to be won, but it helps move the story

Deleted 1 year ago

dude I just said that- ._. In my first comment

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago

you're not meant to win*


Escalated very quickly but sometimes Tuesdays do really hit that hard. 


This hit really hard, but in a good way, I think? I enjoyed it a lot, and I feel like it kinda puts in perspective how difficult these kinds of things can be for some people a bit. But I do also just like mental-health related games like this in general. 


I QUIT. Because I don't good at typing, even in my mother language.

BUT! I really want to know the end of this game. God... somebody help me…T-T

It just ends with a small dialogue of talking with your mind, then the game ends.


Brilliantly done depiction of mental health struggles to do everyday tasks. The button mashing and quicktyping without being able to see what you're typing were very good mechanics for this. Great work!


Okay this was just purposely hard bc why was jiggling the lock so hard?


Assuming you mean on the second day, it's supposed to be impossible to beat, you're not supposed to make it out the door the next day. It's about mental health, and some days we just aren't able to make it out our door.


This was very relatable in a way, but fun.


men, I spent more time writing than anything else, very good game, I liked it, anyway I wouldn't play it again.


it´s hard for me to finish this game bc i have acrylic nails on :( but it was interesting


the price u pay for nails. Stay strong queen


this game was very intense, I cant type fast and the words are too long , i also struggle with spelling so that was interesting

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