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as a slow typer, the typing part took me FOREVER but i like the message this sends lol


this game only made me more stressed cuz of the time limit i have before the monster damages my mental health

omg this was incredible! so so cool

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okay seriously now my feet are cold for some reason, it means a short game without sadistic scenes managed to thrill me


Short but nice game.

i tired typing the pos words but after like 10 mins nothing happend


it takes a little bit of time :)  I tried to type them as fast as I could and managed to get a reaction, maybe try typing faster

Its SOOOO cool

Is short but amazing!


A really lit game for mentally exhausted people. I'm guessing the creator wants people like him (the character) to know how important such words like "self love" "personal identity" "kindness" "love" etc. needs to be engraved into our minds and taken into consideration  during these really busy and depressing times in life that we all go through... and words like "side walks" "rest" "calmness" "sleep" denotes upon taking few hours off of hectic schedules and spending some time at ease. Also words like "dread" "rust" "greed" "End of times" reflects upon our selves. This game in a way reminds me of the things i should keep in mind. 

Playing it for a long time really gave these words a rather deeper meaning than it should be of normal words that are required to be typed to win the game. Definitely had me focused and determined at the end, starting to just wanting to finish the game to ACTUALLY finding something behind it. Great game! Whether or not this game was meant to be some Horror slash Entertaining, but....i found this meaningful and enlightening for my night! Great game again! Great Job!! :)

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Mental health is very important. Take care of youself! 

i broke my keyboard when waking up

looks like it takes hard work just to lay down

I really enjoyed being able to play this game, it was a trip.

Interesting design to express how anxiety and depression likely looks for people. I personally don't suffer from either often so I enjoyed being able to see it from this perspective. Great game!

I really like it

God, that screamer I really didn't expect.

The game is simple but original, I liked how it uses the simple action of pressing the Z key. I also liked that the final answer to everything that happened is to look for help, that kind of message is needed. Good Game!


Thanks for letting me pet the cat :)

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loved it

This was a really fun short and sweet game, I liked the art style, good work :)


im at the typing thing and ive been typing the words for awhile now i give up but is it possible to get past?


totally, its hard and painful, and i think its that way for a reason, but i think only certain words help, like calmness, rest, sleep, walking, puppies, the positive words


Made me think of the darkest days of my life. Glad to be out of that jam now. Bad things come to pass.


The game was pretty simple, but really good at the same time.

Mental health is a serious subject and it needs constant attention.

Btw, here is my video. I'm a random brazilian guy who likes to play indie horror games (gameplay in portuguese). 

Thanks for the game and opportunity!

I did a lets play of this game if anyone wants to check it out :) I'll leave a link in this comment :) my letsplay!!


Got to day two and immediately went oh no, whys it getting relatable


im having some trouble with the typing words but good game!

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Same, it took me over 30 minutes to finish the word typing part

I think it's because you don't have to write all the words that come out, only the "positive" ones.


Simple, short, and does a great job communicating the point! Well done, excited to try more of your games!
How long did it take you to make it??


we made it in one evening basically :D 

this does a great job showing how hard every tasks can be


i cant get past the part where you type words to defeat fears because i dont know how to spell 90 percent of the good words lol

I'm having trouble with that as well. I can't type fast enough lol

holy shit i did it




This was actually sad yet scary, and challenging i like this game alot

It took a while to understand the typing mechanics... I first thought that after you successfully typed a word, the number would go up??? I later realised the number was going up on its own and I was bringing it down!


i cant type fast enough, great..


no matter how bad it was we still got to pet the kitten.  mad respect


thanks for letting us pet the kitten :) the plot of this game is really similar to my own experience and IT IS very important to get help in time


i love this

thank you!


idk how to spell :,) 


i just realized i dont know how to write 


I realized that I don't know how to spell nor write good xd.


the poor kitty not getting fed lol

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