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wonderful game, I really appreciate it

its awesome

im awesome

so awesome

Sometimes it feels like it, I love this game 10/10 some parts aren't meant to be won, but it helps move the story

your not meant to won

dude I just said that- ._. In my first comment


okay, bubble up.

you're not meant to win*

Escalated very quickly but sometimes Tuesdays do really hit that hard. 

This hit really hard, but in a good way, I think? I enjoyed it a lot, and I feel like it kinda puts in perspective how difficult these kinds of things can be for some people a bit. But I do also just like mental-health related games like this in general. 

I QUIT. Because I don't good at typing, even in my mother language.

BUT! I really want to know the end of this game. God... somebody help me…T-T

It just ends with a small dialogue of talking with your mind, then the game ends.


Brilliantly done depiction of mental health struggles to do everyday tasks. The button mashing and quicktyping without being able to see what you're typing were very good mechanics for this. Great work!


Okay this was just purposely hard bc why was jiggling the lock so hard?


Assuming you mean on the second day, it's supposed to be impossible to beat, you're not supposed to make it out the door the next day. It's about mental health, and some days we just aren't able to make it out our door.


This was very relatable in a way, but fun.


men, I spent more time writing than anything else, very good game, I liked it, anyway I wouldn't play it again.


it´s hard for me to finish this game bc i have acrylic nails on :( but it was interesting


the price u pay for nails. Stay strong queen


this game was very intense, I cant type fast and the words are too long , i also struggle with spelling so that was interesting

oh my god i swear to god that particular PART... my hands are shaking LOL it's truly horror at its finest in a different way. totally fitting with halloween theme. great job on depicting the anxiety of the character!!!


I love it it's somehow relatable and it was a great game and typing though that was hard

Fun maybe there is somehow a second Part and it´s mutch longer where you maybe see what Job he has


this was a great game. in the end, i finally finished typing, which was lowkey hard ngl. im not the best at typing, especially under pressure, but i did it anyway out of spite. love this game, it depicts something realistic. anyone who goes through this, please try and go on with your life. we love you and respect you.

(1 edit) (+2) someone who struggles with mental health...Shit...

Wow, just wow.

This is...a really good game, with great portrayal...I sort of, just. Feel shocked. 

Pressing Z was so difficult and it was only Day 2, and I think that sort of shows that its so easy to give in to those thoughts so soon. How hard it is on some days as opposed to others. Days where you literally can't go on. My arm actually ached trying to pet the cat, but its a simple task, but thats the whole point. Simple tasks. Opening your eyes in the morning, even deciding to try to get help. I really am shocked at this, but I love it.

Its really...real, and thats what I appreciate.
(edit: I found it really difficult to type the words but thats because it was stressing me out because...I wanted to be okay and...I feel like its about how difficult it is to think positively when people just say "Cheer Up" or "It can't be that hard, just do something you love."
Doing things you love are so so so difficult, because you don't love doing anything anymore. It all becomes boring and so...mundane. Sleeping is the only nice thing because its the only respite you get from the weight of those thoughts.)

i liked the game but the typing but stressed me out i felt like i was about to like cry or something but good game anyway. i also love punkin<3!


Going into this game, I was expecting it to be some kind of over the top exaggeration about the troubles of every day life, but I can gladly say that I was pleasantly surprised. Paper Cages show us the horrors of every day life as experienced by the normal person; the normal routines, the normal conversations, the normal thought process of things just not going your way and life really being a struggle to just go through. What kind of gets me is that this is marked as a horror game when in reality, this is what it's like to go into the real world regardless of where you are in the totem pole of life. Even without looking at it from the POV of mental illness, the existential dread that looms over everyone is really looked into in this game.

My only real gripe with this game is in the middle section where the game turns into a keyboard typing test, there isn't any indication on which word your spelling out or if you've typed everything right until the word/s just vanish. It was a fun section to play as it's the player trying to focus on things in their mind as their world looks to be falling apart, but better indication would've made that section feel better to play out.

All in all, it's nice to find a short story game that doesn't outright feel like it's only talking about mental illness, but really about feelings that the normal adult can go through in their daily lives.
The most important part of this game is that yes, you can pet the cat :)

My playthrough:

Ok i freaked out when things started to go wrong and it became hectic, but good job tho I guess it really prepares us and is like  disclaimer for the future!

super cool!!!! it was really interesting to see how this portrayed depression, and the art is awesome. i really liked it, and im not sure what other people mean about not being able to pass the typing stage, because im relatively sure i was able to. 

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I relate to this and I don't even have a job yet, I will soon though but I feel like me procrastinating is gonna be one of my biggest problems, not setting an alarm etc.

(1 edit) (+1)

I cant pass the typing bit, as it wont let me do the words with spaces. I did like the game before that point though. Could you perhaps see if there is a way to fix this bug?  Thank you! (Also, I absolutely adore Punkin. Best kitty ever <3)


can't pass the typing X"C it's a very interesting game... terrifyingly relateable in essence. i like it


The typing part was intense but I think that really adds to the stressful experience! Did not expect it to come out like that. Very well made little game, conveys the feeling of being trapped in a routine perfectly. Take care and much love to both creator and players! <3



i'm expierence this everyday and it's hard, its' really hard


Daaaang You captured the essence of my teenage years and early adulthood. Existential despair. Nice.

Now let's all get better, okay? Love you.

(1 edit) (-1)

I recoiled because that was so startling! The game was amazing though

oh heart great game tho


these typing learning games are interesting nowdays


this is such a good game, and genuinely scary and taxing (/pos), i feel likeit's conveyed it's story well


nice game!

i have dyslexia so it hard to do the word part

This was really good! I really liked the addition of the kitty. 


aa im not a fast typer ;-;

same ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhthat pain izts so much pain but good game

kind of comforting ;-)

christ that was good


Im mentally good at mental games, Cuz im mentally ill. (9/10)


as a slow typer, the typing part took me FOREVER but i like the message this sends lol

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