A comfy, wordless game about reviving an ecosystem.

  • Coding & Level Design - Ott Madis Ozolit
  • Pixel Art & Art Direction - Leene Kรผnnap & Tanel Marran
  • Music & Sound Design - Adam David Bow

Made for APT Game Generator Jam 2020, for the theme "Environment"

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(60 total ratings)
AuthorPlaceholder Gameworks
GenreAdventure, Educational, Puzzle
Made withUnity
Tags2D, artgame, Atmospheric, Casual, Cute, Farming, Pixel Art, Singleplayer


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this is great for losing time, no map, no hint, just keep losing throughout the whole forest

I can't get rabbits to follow me. They always go for carrots then wander off

i cant find rabbits lol


why do the fox follow you and shove you around???


i adore this game, and i really hope ecosystem restoration games become a new genre because my heart needs more of this. i love nature, i work with plants that are native to my area and this game reminds me of how i feel when i see native pollinators at my job. pollinators that i don't see anywhere else most of the time. i've been looking for a game like this for a long time. 

also, a detail that i really like is how death is a natural thing that happens in the game, and how you can see how death can create life from the mushrooms that spring up after an animal or plant has died. thank you for making this game :)

Very wholesome and healing! I am intrigued by the Mushroom Wizard. :) Thank you for sharing!!



I played it about 40 minutes, and loved every second of it. Sure, I got "lost", but in all honesty if you roam around and heal things along the way, there is no need on knowing where your house is!! 

Very cute game!! I definetley recommend it to others!


this game sucks, too hard




So I've noticed quite a few comments talking about how it's hard to find your way back. I just wanted to say that what I did was plant mushrooms on the trees that I passed as a kind of Hansel & Gretel strategy because I could find my way back if I followed the mushroom trail. I just wanted to give a little tip in case it helps!

i tried this, but i keep getting lost bcoz most of the map is filled with mushrooms


wish I had a map tbh


was nice, when i could find the animals. there was too much empty space, n id often find myself lost, once for the better half of an hour.

i liked it still, but a map would be nice, or just trimming the fat of the spare space


really good, if i dont figure out how to unlock rabbits soon im gonna start crying


when youre at the house, you have go go right and up


This is so nice and peaceful! I like feeling like the guardian of this forest, guiding its slow recovery. Before any bunnies appeared, one little fox walked up to me and started following me around. It was like it had wandered into my forest and it stayed close, like a pet, and stuck with me until it died. That was sad but also very sweet. I do wonder why there's so much empty space? I got extremely lost looking for more things to do, wandered around the edge a while and discovered that the world is  a VERY strange shape, no wonder I couldn't find the way back to my house or the big tree or any landmark. For a while I kept going back and forth, bumping into the edge of the world and turning back to try and find the center, only to hit the other edge without finding a single thing. Currently I am lost in a totally empty space and kind of considering giving up because I don't know if I'll ever be able to find the foxes or any more plants to help... But I really want to finish the game! I'm invested and I wanna see it turn all green I just seriously can't find anything right now. I'll keep trying a while longer...


okay i started over cause I really wanted to see the end of the game and this time I was bullied by a pack of foxes that got stuck together like some multi-headed monster and kept shoving me whenever I tried to stand still, LMAO


So cute! I didn't have any trouble without a map I just followed the foliage lol. I think my favorite part is little mushy buddy falls asleep when you let him idle XD


Crying my eyes out to this game , dude it's so cute and peacfull i reccomended it to all my friends.




gave up after 40 minutes because I had lost my house and my animals :/ Would be better with a map or maybe a compass to point to your house? Cute concept not fully baked.

agreed but my problem is how do i get animals how did you get animals.

I had to walk around aimlessly until I found some. You then have to "heal" them. *BUT* If you find the wolves first they die if you don't find the rabbits soon enough. :( I hadn't found any foxes though. Rabbits also multiply out of control ha ha


I cant get the bunnies? Is there anything im doing wrong?

from your house go up and righ


Your game is in this list. You can find my review down in the description.

Nice Work! Keep It Up!

Thank you!


add a map, i am soooooooooo lost rn

Just wanted to know before I play, is there a save system in place for web version? (I don't even know if that is possible, I don't know how game development works)

This game doesn't have a save system. It's a short 15-20 minute game made for a game jam :)

got it, thanks!


It's a super cute game! I love it! I did get lost for a long time, so maybe adding a map would solve that? And I also didn't get the rabbits but I did get a lot of foxes :) Though they kept pushing me around and it made it hard to move.. :/


i really like this game though if your still updateing it maybe add a little map or a dot that points to the house because i keep getting lost. or even more markers. 


I had the same problem.. I spend like 10 minutes trying to find the house and I'm still not sure if I found it or not.. I just found a pound..


finally got all the animals! such a cute and relaxing game

Thank you so much * _ *

Very happy to hear you liked it!


oh, to be a tiny mushroom man reviving the ecosystem....


It's the goodest, isn't it?


how lovey :)


Such a nice, calm game. I wasn't able to make rabbits appear, but I did have a lot of foxes

I don't understand how to play or what's going on


Clean up the forest, pet animals and restore a food chain :)

Move around with WASD or arrow keys and interact with things by clicking on them. Explore around to find animals.


Very sweet and wholesome I want to paint the sweet mushroom elder


heres my playthrough I enjoyed it watch here 

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I don't understand how to get rabbits  - Oh I just had to walk around more. Nice game


could you someday make it for a MacOs download?  I would love that, and i'm sure other people would! this game is very cute.


Could do that sure ^_^


:D thanks! you're so kind!


It's up now ^_^


i'll download right now! <3


well, my mac needs to be updated. But thank you so much for adding this!


Nice aesthetic... Calming atmosphere... I didn't finish it, but it was enjoyable.