A comfy, wordless game about reviving an ecosystem.

  • Coding & Level Design - Ott Madis Ozolit
  • Pixel Art & Art Direction - Leene Kรผnnap & Tanel Marran
  • Music & Sound Design - Adam David Bow

Made for APT Game Generator Jam 2020, for the theme "Environment"


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Windows 46 MB
Mac 45 MB


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finally got all the animals! such a cute and relaxing game

Thank you so much * _ *

Very happy to hear you liked it!


oh, to be a tiny mushroom man reviving the ecosystem....


It's the goodest, isn't it?


how lovey :)


Such a nice, calm game. I wasn't able to make rabbits appear, but I did have a lot of foxes

I don't understand how to play or what's going on


Clean up the forest, pet animals and restore a food chain :)

Move around with WASD or arrow keys and interact with things by clicking on them. Explore around to find animals.


Very sweet and wholesome I want to paint the sweet mushroom elder


heres my playthrough I enjoyed it watch here 

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I don't understand how to get rabbits  - Oh I just had to walk around more. Nice game


Lovely game. Very relaxing and enjoyable. The only critique I'd offer is that it'd be nice if there were a way to tell which direction your home was.


could you someday make it for a MacOs download?  I would love that, and i'm sure other people would! this game is very cute.


Could do that sure ^_^


:D thanks! you're so kind!


It's up now ^_^


i'll download right now! <3


well, my mac needs to be updated. But thank you so much for adding this!

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