Entry for Ludum Dare 46 - Keep It Alive


A gothic horror stealth game with full voiceover.

The year is 1854, London is struck with disaster. You are Constance, mad with grief for your husband. But love transcends the merely physical, and you will not give up on him. Scour the city for fresh corpses, and hopefully you can house your husband’s soul in a new vessel. For true love knows no bounds - ethical or otherwise.

Trigger warning: Pixel art gore / surgery on dead bodies (no jumpscares)

The Team

  • Programming: Fraser Lee, Thomas Haller, Ott Madis Ozolit
  • Art: Leene Künnap, Jon Arvin Medalla
  • Music/Sound: Adam Bow
  • Voiceovers: Katie Nelson, Jonathan Rozenberg
  • Writing: Jonathan Rozenberg

Made by an international team in Spelkollektivet, Sweden: https://www.spelkollektivet.com/


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Constance (Windows) 52 MB


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this is one hard game yet i love it so much like id play more games like constance but yours is different and i enjoy it

How do you pick up bodies? E isn´t working

you have to hold down e in front of the body then you can drag it

oh ok thank

then if you wanna drop the body hold f

OH ok ok I know how now thank you friend


OI, you got a LOICENCE to be draggin’ that body round, m8?


So im getting dead bodies huh??  yep my type game lol also I read some comments below and people were saying that the Ai seems to be hovering around the barrel just run far away from them and then hide dont hide so close to where they can see you hide just a tip 


I like the concept of the game, but I find the AI of the other characters really annoying. I feel like any time I try to hide in a bush or barrel, the AI seems like it's more attracted to that area and will circle around it, and at one point had four different NPCs circling around in the same spot. It feels too random.

The f key doesn't work for dragging the bodies. I can't do anything.


nevermind, you have to hold e next to the body

i held e but cant drag the body


Yup! So... be careful about choosing your wife and dying in front of her. She may go crazy and put herself together a new husband. Sounds about right! 


Looks extremely cool, but I can't get past the first screen. None of the controls do anything--for reference, I'm on chrome.


The intro sequence is unskippable unfortunately x_x you just have to wait till it ends.

You might have to reload the tab if it takes more than two minutes.


This game looks great but the controls aren't working for me ;_;  I can move around but that's pretty much the only thing I can do. The problem is probably my computer but I hope I'll be able to play this game someday. 


I have the same problem.


Same 😔

(1 edit) (+1)

This was amazing. Very creative, brilliantly executed, and with a great atmosphere (thanks to the voice acting). I wish you could do something with the bothering neighbors... Just dragging and waiting feels a little empty.
Still, congratulations on a great game.


Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid here (the game is the 1st there):


1. Very cool art style and animation. I very much like the atmosphere that has been created and the environment. It's very pleasing to look at.

2. The voice acting is top hole! I enjoyed so much listening to the main characters! I didn't expect that)

3. The concept is original. I haven't seen something like that before. I think it's really valuable to come up with something simple yet original.


1. The people are annoying. Though, they serve the game's concept. It's just they like to hang around Constance so much, I though I would not be able to finish the game (I finished it btw and at the end I admired the challenge).

2. I thinks it's rather strange that people are falling asleep standing at the random period of time.  Maybe the game could benefit from a different animation (like a newspaper in the hand. They are so into reading it so they don't notice anything else, for example).


I think that this game is new and very interesting. I would like to see different levels or a more complicated bigger project out of this one. Maybe you could add different types of enemies like dogs from which you have to hide in the barrel or something like that. I mean, the game is marvelous, it can become something bigger! 5/5

Hope my feedback was useful!


Definitely! Thank you for taking the time to write such detailed feedback ^_^ (and the video too!)


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It's plain SAVAGE, but I love it so much! It's body hunting time! :D

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